Raíz de Peonia – Command Performance

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Raíz de Peonia – Command Performance

About growing peonies …

The cultivation of peonies is simple although it is a matter of probabilities to get them to give us flowers. But at the same time, the satisfaction when our first flower comes out is one of the largest we can feel.

Grow your own peonies now, with our advice we are sure that you will get it sooner or later.

The peony or peony is a herbaceous plant in which fluffy and round flowers grow, with many layers of petals. If you have been following us for a long time or have read our book, you will know that peonies are our favorite flowers.

You have to consider the peony as a long-term investment, because it is difficult for it to flower the first year, but when it is a little better installed, year after year it will improve and give more flowers.

Peony roots can be planted in spring or fall. Our experience has always been better when planting them in the fall.

Each year they will disappear completely in winter to come out more strongly in spring.

They don’t like you moving them around, so plant them directly in their final location.

The process of opening a peony is worthy of admiration. It starts out like a golf ball or a tennis ball, depending on how mature the plant is, and gradually opens up to double or triple in size.


Each envelope includes a high quality peony root.

Note: the photographs are indicative, we do not guarantee their accuracy. The tones and colors may vary in each rose bush.


2-3 days by Express Mail. In over-order situations, shipping may be delayed.

Indications for assured success:

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How to plant peonies?

Find instructions for planting peonies in this post.

Technical data:

  • Location: In soil or pot with a minimum depth of 30 cm. Needs semi-shade. The best location is in full sun but near a wall or tree that provides shade for several hours a day. Ideally, it should get about 4 hours of sun a day.
  • Irrigation: When it is dry, well-drained soil, so that the soil does not remain flooded. It is very sensitive to rotting from excess water. Important if you plant it in a pot that it has a good drainage base.
  • Depth: That the reddish buds of the roots are 5 cm from the ground.
  • Separation: 1 meter
  • Height: 90cm
  • Plant: Fall or spring
  • Bloom: May-June
  • Cut flower duration: 1-2 weeks
  • Care tips : Peony attracts snails and slugs, it is important to use snails before it comes out and until it grows a little. Plant with a good layer of humus, compost and manure mixed with the substrate.



Sin existencias

✓ ENVÍO GRATIS a toda la Península a partir de solo 70€

✓ ENVÍO EN 2-3 DÍAS: Al finalizar el pedido podrás escoger la fecha de entrega 

✓ GARANTÍA FLORAL: si tu ramo o planta no llega en perfecto estado, te enviamos otro o te devolvemos el dinero. Con nosotros puedes estar tranquilo.




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